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Best Android Screen Recorder With Editing Tools 2019

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Best Android Screen Recorder With Editing Tools 2019

Hi Gurus! If you would love to record the activities on your android then there are few tools you could use. However, few of these tools have what you’ve been looking for.

But, do you want to record your screen activities and edit it after recording? If Yes, that let’s move on to activating the app which enables you to do all this cool stuff.

There are lots of apps you could use in recording your screen activities, while most of these apps have watermark enabled, there are few apps you could use free without watermark. So I will be sharing with you 2apps which you can use in creating a perfect video on your android.

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However, if you don’t know what Screen Recording is, check the few info below.

What is Screen Recording?

It is a method used on Android devices to capture or record activities on the phone. It involves the use of mobile apps to record your phone activities and convert them into various video format.

There are lots of cases where you might need to record your screen activities e.g. You can record your screen activities in other to teach others on how to get something done.

Screen Recording is used mostly by online geeks, YouTubers, Coaches, Teachers, etc to explain and illustrate to others. It is a perfect alternative to Video Recording which is easier to use and navigate.

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Android has made most of the Internet, Physical and Technological activities very easy, most especially to those of us who don’t have a personal computer or other computing tools. With Android, we’re able to perform various computing activities through mobile apps and resources developed on Android.

Best Android Screen Recorder With Editing Tools 2019

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

This is a perfect tool to use when screen recording is involved, it has lots of features which allow the user to perform various editing activities on it. That’s not all, it allows the user to select screen resolution, compress video size, add text, Music, and images to the recorded video, etc.

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AZ Screen Recorder is a perfect tool you can use in recording your screen activities and it is rated high because of its features and capabilities.



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