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Best iOS Launcher for Your Android Phone in 2019 – Check it Out

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iOS Launcher for android 2019

Best iOS Launcher for Your Android Phone in 2019 – Check it Out: One of the coolest things about Android is the ability for the user to personalize it. However, there are lots of ways in which personalization can be done on Android devices and there are lots of launchers which allows you to customize your device in various ways, some of which you all know. We have launchers like Go launchers, Apus launcher, Windows launchers, etc.

But most of these launchers consumes RAM (Random Access Memory) and tends to make our mobile phone slow. If you’re good with rooting and you understood what rooting is, you would be able to remove some bloatware on your phone including system apps and other unused apps which tends to consume your RAM.

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Rooting can allow you to remove your system launcher and replace it with another launcher if your choice. You can see how cool this is, but we will write full rooting guides on Android 4 & above soon. So kindly bookmark our blog and don’t forget to share with others.

Best iOS Launcher for Your Android Phone in 2019 – Check it Out

Personalizing Android phones tends to make it smart, attractive and simple to use. However, there are lots of tools used in personalizing e.g. Launchers, Fonts and lots more.

In this post, I will be discussing with you gurus on how you can personalize and make your Android phone looks like an iOS device using the perfect launcher.

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Have tested most of the iOS launchers for Android, but few of these apps tend to consume RAM, perform slow and even make your phone look horrible 😕. Some might look good when you check their reviews but you end up getting another version.

However, without saying much on iOS launcher for Android, I will be introducing you to an app called Clean UI.

If it’s not tested, we won’t write about it, in other words, this app still remains the best iOS launcher with cool features and add-ons integrated into it.

What is Clean UI?

It is an Android launcher which is used to personalize and design Android devices into looking an iOS device with features with includes badge notifications with counts, iOS dialer, iOS layouts, Settings, Notification bar and lots more.

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Clean UI has been online for years and users tend to commend the developer for the perfect work well done.

The popular says ”Seeing is believing”, so if you’re interested in customizing and making your phone like exactly like an iOS device, then you should consider using this app.

How to Download Clean UI?

In other to download and install Clean UI Launcher, just click on the link below and please don’t forget to share with others using the share button below.


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  1. I’ve been a fan of making customization out of my Android devices and never though this idea on making your android have an iOS launcher and wonder if the launcher wont make my device get slow.


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