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How to Activate Glo 2019 Special Data – 1.2GB For N200

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Glo 1.2Gb For N200

Hey Guys, actually i was suppose to write an article for our South Africa, but i decided to quickly share this Glo N200 for 1.2gb which has been available for months now and most of us do not know about it. So i decided to share it in other to assist those not aware about.

However, this isn’t a cheat or a tweak, it was a plan introduced by glo silently until it was fully discovered by glo users, so do not be deceive by anyone telling you it’s a cheat or a tweak.

In other to remind our Ph Users reading this, you can check out the Latest Ph Free Net Tweak Using Legendary VPN 2019 which i recently release for Ph users.

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So before we proceed, always note there is always a requirement for all free net or tweaks. so below is a list of required materials you need in other to activate this Glo 1.2GB For N200;

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Glo 1.2GB For N200 Requirements:

  1. Your Glo Sim (New or Old)
  2. Android device
  3. Glo N200 recharged card
  4. that’s all.

NOTE: It is Valid Only For 3days

So once you’ve acquired the above materials, just proceed to the step below in other to activate your Glo 1.2GB For N200.

How to Activate Glo 1.2GB For N200
  • Recharge you glo sim with the N200 recharged card you purchased
  • Dial *777# and select the following numbers
  • 1
  • 1
  • 5
  • 2
  • You will successfully be given 1.2GB while N200 will be deducted.
  • That all.

Glo 1.2Gb For N200

Is your Glo internet connection slow? Well don’t be bothered about that, you can increase the speed using the setup below.

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Thanks for reading, however if you have any issues, lets us know by submitting a comment below or chat with us live using the button on the blog.




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