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How to Copy Playstore App url on Your Android Device

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How to Copy Playstore App url on Your Android Device 1
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how to copy playstore app url – Have you been wondering if it’s possible to copy an app url from google play? is it actually possible? yes it is, you will learn how to copy playstore app link.

Hi there, my name is lawrence and i will be sharing to you another article which you would actually find very interesting and useful. if you haven’t checked my recent article before this, you should check it out HERE, you might find it very useful.

Like i said in one of my post that ”Technology is moving fast and android is running fast”. It’s best we also get updated to the evolution so we won’t be left out due to low updates.

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So here i will be teaching you how to copy playstore app link or url on your phone, maybe you told your friend about a particular app which you find interesting but he/she has been having difficulties locating the app, you know how frustrating that might be? actually Google Play has billions of apps by millions of app developers.

Why this article is useful

Just like i said above, let’s say for instance your friend ”John” told you about an app called computer shortcut keys and how useful and important this app is. actually you would be eager to download ASAP but due to multiple playstore apps, you were unable to see it.

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Then if John ask you to send him the app direct url and you have been looking for a way to do so, since you have been unable to send him, you felt bad and you gave up. Well thats not the end cos you can still share John the app using the method below to copy playstore app url.

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How to copy playstore app link

Just follow the steps below;

  • Locate the App you want to copy the url
  • Open the App on Playstore
  • Click on the option tab at the top right bar
  • You should see a prompt like the image below
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How to Copy Playstore App url on Your Android Device 2

  • Select Share, then you should see another popup just like the screenshot below
How to Copy Playstore App url on Your Android Device 3
Image By Gurusblogger
  • You can either copy the url to clipboard or share it with your friend directly.

That’s all and thanks for reading.

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