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How to Install IDM Extension on Google Chrome

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How to Install IDM Extension on Google Chrome 1

Internet Download Manager is known as “IDM”, is the best Download Manager software available for both Windows Desktop and Laptop. If you wanted to get the maximum of your Internet connection and get the fastest download speed ever possible from your Internet connection then Internet Download Manager of IDM is what you are looking for.

Whenever you install IDM in your PC, the IDM Extension will also get installed to your computer by default. That means, you are not required to do anything in order to get IDM Extension, it will be activated alongside the IDM software installation.

What is the use of IDM Extension for Chrome?

Now, one might ask why he wanted to install the IDM Extension on his/her web browser. Well, here is the answer. Generally, when you are having the IDM Extension installed in your Browser, whenever you download any sort of file the IDM Extension will automatically take hold of the link and directly display a download popup message.

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That means you are not at all required to manually use the Download link to download files. In the traditional method, you first need to copy the direct download link and then open IDM, paste the link and after that download the file. All these works are minimized just with the help of Internet Download Manager Extension for Chrome

How to add IDM Extension in Chrome

In certain cases, the IDM Extension will be deleted or hidden from your computer and that may be an issue, too. Follow the steps below to install IDM Extension in Chrome when it gets deleted.

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Google Chrome also provides us with an option to sideload crx files for installation. Upon enabling Developer Mode on Google Chrome, you will get some advanced features and settings like the ability to install Extensions from outside and not Chrome Web Store.

This setting comes in handy when you want to install Extensions that are not available in the Google Chrome Web Store. You can install any valid CRX Extensions files in Google Chrome just as like we install APK Files on an Android Device.

1. Download the Extension file from the link given below (Direct link to download IDM Crx extension for Chrome)

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Download IDM Extension – Chrome Web Store (Official)

Download IDM Extension

2. Now, open up the Google Chrome Extension page by following the path mentioned above.

Load idm extension in chrome

3. Drag and drop the downloaded extension CRX file and follow the instructions as same as mentioned above.

Once you have Installed the extension and after it gets activated, you will get a popup screen just like below, indicating that the Extension is successfully Installed.

How to Install IDM Extension on Google Chrome 2

That’s it, you have successfully installed Internet Download Manager for Chrome.


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