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How to Maintain & Prevent Your Android Phone From Danger

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How to Maintain & Prevent Your Android Phone From Danger 1

Are you the type whose phone don’t last up to 3month? 😕 Well, worry no more because i will be showing you how i made my phone last long and in good shape.

The reason why most android phones don’t last long is because of low or no maintenance.

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How to Maintain & Prevent Your Android From Danger

Some of us might purchase an Android phone which won’t last up to a month, but is it because the phone isn’t good enough or you don’t maintain it regularly? Some of us hardly clean our phone not to talk of doing software & hardware maintenance which is why I’m recommending this post to help us maintain and put our phone in a good health.

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Have seen a case where someone purchased a phone and not more than 2weeks, the phone died (Dead Cell). I tried gathering some information about what happened to the phone and the owner said it fell into water and he quickly removed it. But just because he quickly removed it from the water, does that means it’s over?

Water is very dangerous to our Android Phone as it tends to destroy IC’s on the panel.

How to Maintain & Prevent Your Android From Danger – But here are few things you can do in other to maintain and prevent your phone from hazards.

I will be categorising it into 2 main part which is;

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1. Hardware Maintenance

2. Software Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance

This is the most important part when it comes to maintaining you phone.

Hardware Maintenance is the physical structure of your phone which you come in contact with, it includes; Battery, Case, Touch Pad, Screen etc.

You can follow this step to maintain your phone’s hardware component.

1. Always clean your phone screen to prevent sticky dusts.

2. Try blowing the speaker section to remove dusts.

3. Clean your battery terminal.

4. Replace damage battery

5. Make use of Screen guards to prevent damage screen

6. Apply Phone Pouch

7. Get a good charger (Recommended by the manufacturer)

8. Do not increase the speaker volume to maximum so as to reduce speaker burst.

9. Do not overcharge your phone

Software Maintenance

1. Install Recommended Antivirus

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2. Clear Junk Files

3. Remove unwanted apps

4. Install safe apps to prevent viruses and bugs.

5. Always check your storage for dangerous files or apps.

6. Free Up some space to increase phone performance

7. Set up your data connection to 3G/2G

8. Reduce your screen brightness to prevent battery consumption

9. Close unused running Apps to increase RAM performance

That’s all. I will keep updating it when there’s any recent updates.

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