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How to Mirror Your Android Screen to Your PC – (No Root Required) 2019

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How to Mirror Your Android Screen to Your PC - (No Root Required) 2019

How to Mirror Your Android Screen to Your PC – (No Root Required) 2019: Hi Guys! Have you been looking for a way to mirror your Android screen to your pc? well then, look no more because, in this post, I will be showing you two simple steps in which you can get that done.

However, before we proceed, kindly help us share this post with others using the share button above or below. There are probably various reasons where you might have wanted to Mirror your Android Screen to Computer or Laptop.

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But whatever the reason may be, this method works flawlessly fine. We will be discussing some of the best mobile Apps which can be used to easily Cast Android screen to the computer.

How to Mirror Your Android Screen to Your PC – (No Root Required) 2019

Video Tutorial: Mirror Android Screen to PC

In this video tutorial, you will get all the step by step procedures that you should be following to Mirror Android Screen to PC including desktop and laptop. Just tap on the play button below and watch the full video.

In addition to the above video tutorial, you can also read the methods below to mirror android screen to PC. The interesting part about this method is that it is also available for both Windows and macOS as well as Android and iOS.

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How To Mirror Android Screen to PC?

1. Download MirrorGo software from the Link given below.


2. Download the exe installer file and quickly install it on your Windows PC or Laptop.

3.  Once Installed, Open it.

4. Now adjust the screen Resolution of your choice or leave setting default.

Select Screen Resolution

5. After that, connect the Android Phone to your PC using a USB Cable or WiFi.

MirrorGo (Using Wifi or USB)

There are two methods you can use to connect your device to the Computer or Laptop. The first method is by using a regular USB Cable and the other one is by wireless using WiFI.

(If you are connecting via wifi then, Make sure that both the PC and Phone is connected to the same wifi network.)

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(If you are connecting via USB Cable, then make sure that USB Debugging is enabled on your Phone.)

To Enable USB Debugging:

Go to Settings
Enable Developer Options

6. Wait for the setup.

7. Once done, the Mirroring process will begin

Smartphone Mirrored to PC

Now whatever things you do in your Phone gets reflected exactly in your PC, You may Play a game, watch a Video, or even chat with your Friend.

It also has some additional options like the Recording screen, Takes a snapshot, etc.



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