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Important – See Why You Shouldn’t Use any Of This VPN

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important - See why you shouldn't use any of this vpn

I want to have my privacy, but why am i still not safe using VPN?

No matter how hard you try, you can never be %100 secure online. Let me tell you why, even if you try hiding your privacy, Tech Giants like Google will still find a way to collect some of your data.


That is why professional researchers and programmers made a strong browser like Tor (Tor project) in other to making us secure and safe online. I would have loved to explain few things about the Tor browser, but i will write an article about that later.

Most of us do not feel safe online as there are lots of bugs, virus, spammers, scammers, hackers online trying to steal our data which is why i do recommend strong browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Tor etc.

According to one of the articles i read about the tor project (Tor browser), i came to understand that aside from the spammers & hackers trying to steal our data, our governments and some website owners also works with some VPN companies in other to share our data for various reasons.

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Reading that article, i understood how most of the websites we visits stores our data in form of cookies and sell it to third parties, which is why I’m writing this article in other to explain the types of VPNs to use.

For those just hearing about VPNs, let me quickly summarize what it means;

What is VPN?

This is known as a virtual private network used to hide privacy when accessing the internet.

Why do we use VPN?

Just like i mentioned above, we use VPNs mainly to hide our privacy online (Location, IP), but other professional users use it to Tunnel the internet, break firewalls, access restricted regions, browse the internet freely, prevents the user from being watched or tracked etc.

How can i open a restricted website in my country?

In other to breakthrough the restricted page, all you need to do is to connect your VPN to another country which isn’t South Africa.

How can my country restrict me from accessing a webpage?

If a country wants to restrict all her citizens from accessing the internet or a particular web, they can do that by partnering with their ISPs and other professional tech firm thereby applying censorship.

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Can i just download and use any VPN?

Finally! this is where we are heading to exactly, you see not all VPN’s are VPN as far as internet is concerned, anyone can Mod a Vpn.

So i will be listing the types of Vpns you shouldn’t use;

Unauthorized VPNs

Not all Vpns are authorised, If you do search the internet, you would have come across millions of Vpns online, however only few are Authorised.

How do i know an authorized Vpn?

You can easily know an authorized Vpns by checking the developers for legit background information, reviews etc.

Keep on reading to check the lists of recommended Vpns you can use.

Modded or Copied VPNs

If the internet is your friend and you like doing research alot, you should have come across some Vpns which are copied or Modded. some may even call it Cracked Version but most of this copied Vpns are used by hackers in other to gain access to your device either by checking your keylogs, stealing your information, duplicating your device or even hacking through.

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So it is advisable to be very careful of this Vpns.

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Free VPNs

Must Vpns providers offer free and paid subscription platform whereby they allow their Vpn users to subscribe to Premium account which offers more features unlike the free plan. Well Free Vpns isn’t that dangerous to your device but however it’s security isn’t as secured as the premium plan which is why we do advice Vpn users to subscribe to premium plans in other to have secure access and safe proxies. Free plans will only provide low anonymity on the internet while premium server could guarantee a strong anonymity.

So here are few lists of Vpns i recommend;
  1. CyberGhost
  2. HMA (Hide My Ass)
  3. Nord Vpn
  4. Express Vpn
  5. Vypr Vpn
  6. Ip Vanish
  7. etc

Another way to secure your anonymity online is through the use of Proxy like Socks 5 etc.

That’s all.

If you have any contribution to this, please feel free to drop your message below and don’t forget to share with others..


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