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NNU Beta – See How I Make Thousands Online in 2019

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NNU Beta - See How I Make Thousands Online in 2019 1

I remember when i first heard about NNU early 2018, i was just looking at it as another form of Scam like those affiliate sites.


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After 3 Months of being on NNU, i stopped it again because i was unable to withdraw because my money was low compared to others withdrawing high amount.

6 Months later, i decided to check back my profile, and i was so amazed when i saw the upgrades being made on their website, moreover before opening the site,  i was thinking it would have been destroyed just like MMM, but i was wrong again.

My last balance before leaving NNU was;
Nars Earning: N10558
Referral Earning: N5000

What happened next?

The moment i saw this upgrade on my dashboard, I quickly moved on to the wallet section where i saw two conversion buttons, i clicked on the first which helps convert your referral earnings to your wallet balance

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(With the wallet balance you can withdraw your money directly or even purchase airtime or data directly).

Cool isn’t it?

Don’t worry, i will teach you how to make money on NNU and how it works. Just keep reading.

So after converting my referral earnings to the wallet, my N5000 was intact. the next move i made was to withdraw my wallet balance directly to my bank.

The moment i saw my alert, i knew NNU is %100 and it’s the best affiliate system ever,  unlike other affiliate system which has been destroyed even before and after NNU.

The next move i made was to use my Nars earnings (i will explain Nars earning, Just keep reading) to advertise on NNU in front of hundreds of thousands of online users.
Wow!  this is perfect.

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Then I paid a graphic designer to create an attractive design for me and i applied for the ads placement using N10000 of my Nars earnings, don’t worry i will explain everything.

I advertised my blogging profession i.e creating and designing blogs, SEO application, Blog writing etc.

Few hours after, i was approved and my Nars earnings was deducted after which have been receiving different offers.

Now lemme explain how NNU works;

The first thing you should know is that NNU is a referral and ad revenue system.

NNU created their Income Program in hope to help young students to deal with their financial problems.

NNU has two system in making money which includes;

So how does this two works?

1.     NARS

It allows participants to earn residual income by simply logging into their accounts on the daily basis, leaving comments, reading news, posting in forum topics or sharing specific sponsored posts on their social media.

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2.    NAP

It recognises all the approved registered accounts as affiliates, allowing their owners to earn 62.5% commission on referral. So if someone uses your referral link to register on the website, you will receive 62.5%, which is actually ₦1,000 (registration costs ₦1,600).

So how do i apply?

To apply, copy this link 🔗 -> CLICK HERE
Paste it in your browser and register to start earning..

That’s all.

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