Home Tips 3 Main Reasons Why You Should Avoid Copying Content To Your Website/Blog

3 Main Reasons Why You Should Avoid Copying Content To Your Website/Blog

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You often hear that copying content can hurt your website. But you will often see newbie bloggers copy a chunk of content from another blog and paste it on their blog. In this article, I will talk about why copying content can hurt your blog or website and why you should strive to create original and unique content.

What exactly is copied content?

Copied content is when content from one source is copied to another. This can also include images and videos. Sometimes, bloggers will copy content from one source and slightly alter few words or phrases. Replacing them with other words. In the eyes of search engines such as google, this can still qualify as copied content.

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Why You Should Never Copy Content From Another Website.

There are a few reasons you should avoid copying content from other sources and they include the following.

Copied Content Can Affect Page Rank

Copied content poses a problem for search engines since they have to waste precious resources to crawl a pages with content that have already been indexed.

This contents have little value and can negatively affect search results. Because of this, most of the popular search engines have a way of filtering duplicate content.

Search engines can usually tell which website first publish a particular post and will give higher priority to the original author. Google in particular have said that pages with copied content are given low rank. If lots of content on your website have duplicate content from other sources then this can effect the entire website. And will make it more difficult to rank on the first page of search engines.

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You Can Have Problem With The Law

Coping someone else content is usually seen as theft in the eyes of the law. Almost all countries have laws that guide authors against copyright infringement.

Even web host companies take copyright issues seriously and will often take down a page that was reported for copyright issues, and in extreme cases entire website.

In most bloggers defense, they believe that if they give credit in the form of a link to the source then they will be fine. But this is far from the truth. The only way to not violate the copyright right of an author is to ask for their permission to use their content.

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It Can Ruin Your Website Reputation

Copying content from another website can signal to your audience that you don’t have first hand experience of what you are talking about. This can have serious consequences on your website or blog since every website needs a little bit of trust from its audience in other to do well.

These are just few of the problems that comes with having copied content on your blog or website. it is much more better to create your own content from scratch.

If you find it difficult to write on a particular topic, try doing more research on such topic, this will help you in creating original and unique content. Not only will your blog or website benefit from this, but your audience will also benefit as well.



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