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This is Why Your PC Battery Don’t Last – Fix it Now

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After charging your pc battery for hours, you decided to use it uncharged and you discovered it doesn’t last more than 30 mins – 1 hrs. This is tragedy! Why is my PC draining my battery? what can i do to solve it?

This is Why Your PC Battery Don't Last - Fix it Now 1

Hello Guys, I’m here with another useful content which you’re all going to gain from. Before writing this article, have been doing research on it for weeks now, using my PC as a test subject to carry out some troubleshooting activities in other to understand why my battery is being consumed.

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Funny enough. without touching or pressing it atimes, i will just see my battery dropping from %60 to %30.

That’s when i started to notice something is wrong somewhere.

5days ago, i put my PC on sleep mode while leaving it at %86 just to get something outside, by the time i would get inside not less than 2mins 30secs, i met my battery at %74. What the! i exclaimed. so i started researching, asking questions, troubleshooting.

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This is Why Your PC Battery Don't Last - Fix it Now 2

This is Why Your PC Battery Don’t Last – Fix it Now – After doing some research, i decided to put into use, everything have learnt so far about battery optimization. So i started troubleshooting and following some guidelines, though i saw little improvement.

However, something is still missing; but what exactly is that?

Without wasting time, i will list and explain few things i did to improve my Pc baterry’s life.

Note : Not all PC batteries are original,  so After Reading this post and you still have the same issue, then it is advisable to replace your battery.

This is why your Pc battery doesn’t last: There are some things we do ourselves which makes our Pc battery reduce very fast. So this is why most pc batteries don’t last with possible solutions.

Increasing Brightness

As small as 100watts bulb ʇ , you know how much power it consumes in other to display. If a bulb should consume that large, then you shouldn’t blame your PC for draining very quick. However some of us love increasing our system’s brightness to %100 which is very dangerous to our own health and the PC battery How can i Fix this?

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– Reduce The Brightness

You can long press the Fn Key and Press the down button on your keyboard.

Off Your System Wi-Fi

Do you know that Wi-Fi usage consumes almost %40 of your system’s battery?

Yes, that’s true. Wi-Fi cosumes battery even when in use or not, when you’re using your WiFi, it draws power from your battery multiple times while working and even when it’s not in use, it also searches for available networks in other to connect. thereby drawing power from your system’s battery.

Fixing it

All you have to do is to switch off your Wi-Fi when not in use.

Some PCs has the Wi-Fi button integrated to the side port thereby allowing the owners to switch on and off whenever needed.

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Disconnect Peripherals

Using Peripherals can put a drain on your system, because your motherboard has to power them.

USB sticks, mice and webcams etc. are common offenders.

This is how to Fix It

Copy all your informations and eject your devices, put up with laptop track pads over your USB mouse.

Make sure all peripherals are disconnected from your PC in other to save your battery.

Enable Battery Saver

Try enabling your battery saver in other to reduce the consumption. This might also come in handy.

That’s all

With this, there will be high reduction in the usage of your battery.

Thanks for reading, if you have any contribution or thoughts, you can drop your comments below.

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