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Glo Scraps 1.2GB Data Plan – See What Will Happen Next

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Glo Scraps 1.2GB Data Plan - See What Will Happen Next 1

Glo Scraps 1.2GB Data Plan – See What Will Happen Next : Nigerians Grand master of data plan, Globacom has recently scrapped their special data plan which allows their subscribers to enjoy the data plan of 1.2GB for N200.


Recently, a report was shared with us on our groups which makes most of our Glo users sad about what happened. however we took this report seriously and decided to check Glo’s official twitter page where we’ve been able to gather some information on what happened and why they decided to scrap this data.

While on their official page, lot of complaints has been made by already by Glo users asking questions, looking for possible answers on what could have gotten wrong, but Glo didn’t disclose any usable data or information on why they made such a move.

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While questions were being asked, Glo didn’t reply on any of the matter until after few hours when they decided to answer questions being raised by angry subscribers.

One of the questions made by one of their angry subscribers was;

” You people are just wicked and I’m here to tell you. how can you scrap the N200 plan without prior notice?”

Well, i know how annoying this decision may be because it has affected almost all of us using Glo.

I just hope they will do something about it in other to retain their subscribers, because aside from this data issue, %60 of Glo users do complain about their slow internet speed compare to their competitors. Let alone they will now scrap the Special data plan.

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Glo Scraps 1.2GB Data Plan - See What Will Happen Next 2

If quick action isn’t taken, there’s possibility that they may lose some of their users.

However, this was the reply made by Glo after multiple questions, i quote;

”Hello, We empathize with you. It was a decision taken by management. And the details as to why the decision was taken, are not available for disclosure. However, We have other offers in the works, and when they are ready, we will make them available. Thank you. PE”

According to their twitter page, we have been able to see that their recent action was made by the management. They’ve made it clear to us they have another offers in the works.

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Data plans in Nigeria sucks!

You can hardly stream or enjoy the internet. Everything is expensive and students, youth and other internet users aren’t comfortable with this. So we’re asking all our ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to do something or NCC Board should interfere on this matter.

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Since they’ve made a statement about something big they’re planning for us, I don’t think we should be patient. But let’s hold on until this special offer is being released and i hope it will be favorable to us.

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