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Happy New Month From Gurusblogger Team – Enter Here to Win Giveaways

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Happy New Month From Gurusblogger Team – Enter Here to Win Giveaways

Happy New Month From Gurusblogger Team - Enter Here to Win Giveaways

Happy New Month From Gurusblogger Team – Enter Here to Win Giveaways.

On behalf of all Gurusblogger Team, starting from the Tech Team, Editors Team, Live Support Team & the Executive Directors. We’re using this medium to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new month.

Also we’d like to appreciate all our members for their supports and kind gesture in promoting our platform. We’re also wishing all our April born members Happy Birthday in advance.

Why You Should Place Your Ads On Gurusblogger - #1 Will Convince You

However, to celebrate this new month with all our esteemed members and guests, we’re introducing our Gurusblogger Giveaways promo which would commence by 2pm today just like we mentioned on our groups and channels.

Full details on Gurusblogger Giveaways

We’re going to be giving out free gifts to the winners of this giveaways. However we’re going to apply few rules in other to making sure all arrangements is being made without errors.
But before we proceed with the rules, kindly check the lists of gifts we will be sharing to eligible winners.

Lists of Gifts Available

1. Airtimes

2. Premium Softwares

3. Paid lifetime VPN accounts

Our Giveaway Rules:

Once you’re ready to participate in our giveaways promo, kindly read the lists below to understand how it’s going to work and rules being applied.

Giveaway: Free Premium IPVanish Account For 2019

1. Users can only answer One question

For Now, we have only three (3) questions, once the question has been dropped, interested user should only pick a question out of the 3 questions. any answers more then one from a user will be discarded.

2. When answering the question,

participant should answer the question including their phone number attached to it and he/she should pick from the listed gifts above.

e. g. Gurusblogger is the answer – 08100000009 (Airtime – Network)

3. Once a winner has emerged on any question, any other answer given would be ignored, whether it’s correct or not.

4. We & other robots hates Spam, please do not spam.

Get in Here to Win Free Airtime & Premium Accounts

5. Once you’re lucky to emerge as a winner,

kindly send you received gifts with hashtag #gurusblogger giveaway gift april 2019 on facebook & forward a screenshot to our groups, if you’re a member of any.
if you’re not a member yet, you can join us on telegram @gurusbloggerhub ..

Spoiler 🕷 : Questions Tips

(1. About Us)
(2. About Blog Post)
(3. Tech trend)
If you’re a good follower of our blog, then this should be a piece of cake.

Note: Only three (3) questions for three (3) separate winners..

Please don’t forget to share.


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