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See How to Auto Unlock Your Android Phone Using Bluetooth or Location

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See How to Auto Unlock Your Android Phone Using Bluetooth or Location

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Have you ever tried unlocking your phone with another device? Well most questions concerning android securities is How can i unlock my phone without pin or password? Not alone thinking about unlocking with Bluetooth devices.

Hey Guys, here i am with another Gurus discovery onĀ How to Auto Unlock Your Android Phone Using Bluetooth or Location which you would actually find useful and educative. So before we proceed, kindly share this post using the share button below or the popup share button so others can read. Thanks.

One of the major reason why i prefer using Android compare to iOS or Windows phones is because you can easily scatter it and discover cool and hidden features on it. I will be sharing another article on the best iOS launcher for Android which you can use if you love personalizing device.

So today, I will be introducing you to another Android feature called ‘Smart Lock’ which is very important and useful when it comes to security on your phone and also using another trusted device to unlock it using Bluetooth.

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I will be explain two (2) methods you can use to unlock your phone when it’s locked which is either by Bluetooth or Location. Cool, isn’t it?

However, this methods is applicable only to Android 5 devices & above.

So if you have an Android 5 devices & above, then you’re good to go. All you need is a trusted phone which you can use to unlock ur phone using the Bluetooth method or a perfect location you can trust, either at home or office.

Why Should i Use This Method?

This method is highly recommended and might come in handy when you mistakenly forgot your device pattern or pin. Let’s say you used a particular pattern to lock the phone and you forgot it all of a sudden and the device is locked. If you have this method implemented to it, there would be no problem unlocking your device.

Spoiler Tips:

It is highly recommended to use the method before locking your phone so you won’t be locked out without having it implemented.

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What the above tips mean is, if you haven’t implemented the method i will be explaining below before your phone was locked, then it won’t work. i.e. you just implement it before locking your phone.

What are the two (2) steps?

#1. Bluetooth

#2. Location

How to Auto Unlock Your Android Phone

#1. Using Bluetooth:

Is it really possible? How come? Lol 😂, i know you would have been asking yourself this already, but don’t be convinced 😕, i will explain it.

The Bluetooth method works by pairing your device with another trusted device using the method below;

Setup For Bluetooth;

1. Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted devices and add to trusted devices > locate the device and select.

2. Make sure your phone is already paired with the other device by Bluetooth before adding it to trusted devices in the smart lock section.

#2. Using Location;

Funny enough, when you’ve set up the location for your smart lock, your device would be automatically unlocked when you’re at that particular place.

Let’s say you’re in office and you forgot your phone password and you’ve already implemented the setup to your home address before it was locked, all you have to do is just head straight to your home address with your data connection on and feel the magic as your phone would be unlocked.

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Setup For Location;

1. Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted places and add to trusted places > Locate the address you want to use from the map > Tap Use this Location > and tap select on the prompt.

2. Make sure your GPS and data is turned on before adding to trusted places. You can turn on your GPS or location by sliding down your notification button, then toggling on the location button.

That’s all. 😁

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